Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Necromanteion [Fine Art Photographer]

My husband and I have been reading some fantasy fiction books based off of Greek Myths lately and one of the books is basically about them trying to get to the house of Hades, so I began researching this further and was intrigued by the history behind it.  This then became my inspiration for these images.

The Necromanteion was a Greek temple devoted to Hades where patrons would go to offer tributes and go through rituals to commune with the dead.  They would go through a Labyrinth of halls and tunnels leading to the central room of the Sanctuary where they would perform their rituals. 

This ancient ritual is an example of life and death interacting and these images portray what it might feel like for someone going through the process to make it through the many corridors and communing with the dead.

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