Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Images found in a park [Utah Photographer]

The following work I created from a pin in a map.  A stranger pinned the location in a map and I went there to find something interesting.  It turned out to be a park and the light would fade quickly, within 45-50 minutes of me being there.  It was cold and there were only a couple kids there for a few minutes out of it, but it was pretty deserted for most of the time.  However, I was able to experiment a bit with lines of the playground and the fading light creating double exposures.  I love double exposures for the fact that they don't always come out how you think they will, part of it is left up to chance, and that's part of the excitement for me.  I love the thought that I could get something way better than I imagined or possibly nothing at all, but it's a gamble I'm willing to make.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Joe & Katie [Utah Portrait Photographer]

 Such a cute couple!! Had so much fun photographing these two in the rain. Dancing in the rain is one of my very favorite things!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Necromanteion [Fine Art Photographer]

My husband and I have been reading some fantasy fiction books based off of Greek Myths lately and one of the books is basically about them trying to get to the house of Hades, so I began researching this further and was intrigued by the history behind it.  This then became my inspiration for these images.

The Necromanteion was a Greek temple devoted to Hades where patrons would go to offer tributes and go through rituals to commune with the dead.  They would go through a Labyrinth of halls and tunnels leading to the central room of the Sanctuary where they would perform their rituals. 

This ancient ritual is an example of life and death interacting and these images portray what it might feel like for someone going through the process to make it through the many corridors and communing with the dead.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Idealized Reality [Fine Art Photography]

This project was created in collaboration with Valerie Walker and Jen Budding. Thanks guys, you are awesome to work with!

Everybody gets them, because everybody sends them.  Announcements, invitations, and reveals are sent every which way.  Each portraying the best image, the image people choose to show the world.  They create their own realities for others to see, but just because it's the best image does not mean that it represents reality.

Imagine a world where people expressed the realities of pregnancy and children in their announcements.  A look of serenity and peace, which is usually portrayed, would be missing.  An array of surprise, exhaustion, excitement, or a hectic and busy life would replace it.

Our society smothers reality with false representations, when they should be embracing and accepting it.  By welcoming reality into our public lives we can dispel the false assumptions that come with incorrect depictions of our reality.

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