Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Idealized Reality [Fine Art Photography]

This project was created in collaboration with Valerie Walker and Jen Budding. Thanks guys, you are awesome to work with!

Everybody gets them, because everybody sends them.  Announcements, invitations, and reveals are sent every which way.  Each portraying the best image, the image people choose to show the world.  They create their own realities for others to see, but just because it's the best image does not mean that it represents reality.

Imagine a world where people expressed the realities of pregnancy and children in their announcements.  A look of serenity and peace, which is usually portrayed, would be missing.  An array of surprise, exhaustion, excitement, or a hectic and busy life would replace it.

Our society smothers reality with false representations, when they should be embracing and accepting it.  By welcoming reality into our public lives we can dispel the false assumptions that come with incorrect depictions of our reality.

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