Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Glitch [Fine Art Photography]

Coming up with this particular project I was inspired by the use of technology and its lack of accuracy.  Specifically I was first going to create an image based on the incorrect information people got when they tried to find my house using their GPS or mobile device (this has been an issue for at least a couple of years).  Neither would actually get them to our house if they put our address into their device, but rather a block or two away.  As I tried to put it to the test I found I was sadly disappointed because it turns out they found and resolved this 'glitch' in the map systems.  It was because of this 'glitch' that led me to think of other glitches in our society that are a result of having so much technology.  Specifically in the upcoming generation and their communication with other human beings.  They'd much rather keep their noses in their phones or devices instead of actually having a conversation with a stranger.  Or they'd rather text someone or watch their Facebook feed rather than calling them on the phone or visiting them in person.  By having this technology at such a close grasp their communication skills are lacking and schools are even finding they are needing to create new courses specifically on communicating with others to help these kids bridge the gap to find success later in life.  Here is my "glitch" interpretation.

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