Friday, February 26, 2010

I'd Rather Be In the Studio!

I'm currently reading this really great book called, I'd rather be in the Studio! by Alyson B. Stanfield. I'm only like 25 pages into it (started it tonight) and it is already pretty AWESOME!! It's basically a book to help you get rid of excuses, to get organized, and self-promote to get your work out there. Previously(and not off the plate right now), I have been wanting to get my work into galleries (not solely, but a lot) so I could spend more time producing than selling. As many of you are aware, my resolution this year is to get on the road to success much quicker than the average artist so I can finally quit my day job (without my husband getting concerned) and spend all the time I want in my studio and more time with my family.

One thing I'm looking for is a label machine, to organize and organize and do more organizing!!

Well, so far, I'm only a month into this goal and already I've had ups, downs, bumps, bruises, and all the motivation I can muster to keep hitting my goal. Right now, I'm a little behind, as I've missed about a weeks worth of painting, but I've done a lot to get me running smoothly ie. organizing my studio, my life, my schedule, etc.. Because I had a little dry spell, I decided last weekend to get to the library, and to Car's surprise I came out with a foot high of books I'm going to read in the next few weeks. Lets just say, I may be doing a few editorial paintings in the near future.

I'm currently working on a few side projects to help decorate my house such as: a photo wall (nothing traditional in the least. These are larger scale square vintage-looking photographs Car and I have taken), an empty frame fixture of style, I'm looking for some really old-looking wooden shutters, doors, or windows, and also a little decorating job in A's room. My budget for these is slim, so I haven't been able to execute them all, but when I'm done I'll post some pics.

As far as my current paintings go, right now, I'm painting a still-life(debating on a portrait) vertical painting. I'm going to play around with a little texture, maybe add some Orchids into the mix, and I'm thinking of adding a dramatic gesture. I've got a few good ideas and I'm working out the kinks now. I'm also working on 2 abstract pieces that will go in my living room. I'm kind of having a little trouble in that area because surprisingly it is taking more mind power than my portraits. Well anyways, that's all for now. Wish me luck!!

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